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For the Sake of the Elect

Summer Fieldwork Mission at Immanuel

Immanuel is hosting three seminary students for a 6-week fieldwork program this summer. Our purpose is to expose these young seminarians to the robust liturgical and musical heritage at Immanuel. While here, fieldworkers will dedicate themselves to study of the ministry, languages, and hymnody.


For one week during this time, we will also be welcoming a recent high school graduate who is prayerfully considering going to the seminary to become a pastor.

Meet our 2024 Summer Vicars & Fieldworkers

Gabriel Hallock 1.jpg

Vicar Gabriel Hallock

Expected Graduation from CTSFW: May 2027

Spouse: Analise (married to since March of 2021)

Kids: Jacob (20 months) and Madelynn (2 months) 

My wife and I are from Kentucky where I grew up most of my life. My family are converts to the LCMS (they converted when I was about 12) from Anglicanism where my dad served as a priest. My wife is a convert from the Christian Missionary Alliance. I serve in the Army National Guard as a Chaplain Candidate and was enlisted before becoming a Candidate. As far as hobbies, I enjoy reading fiction novels, philosophy, and theology as well as writing in my spare time. Academically, I enjoy liturgical studies as well as studying the Church Fathers. My wife and I enjoy having family game nights with the two of us and taking our kids to the park or on walks when it’s warm.

Why For the Sake of the Elect? I am interested in For the Sake of the Elect primarily so I can gain more practical experience in a congregation with like-minded Confessional Lutherans. In addition, I hope to learn more about pastoral care and home in on my preaching skills. I hope to learn more by being immersed in Confessional theology whether it is in discussion or through reading as well as shadowing and assisting the pastors to see how the Ministry looks on a day-to-day basis practically.

Vicar Hunter Kinnison

Expected Graduation from CTSFW: May 2027

I am a first-year seminarian at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I grew up in Dieterich, Illinois, a very small town in Central Illinois. At my home church, St. John’s in Dieterich, I grew an appreciation for Lutheran music and theology which led me to pursue a degree in Parish Music from Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) focusing on organ and choral music. While at CUW, I was encouraged to explore the idea of entering the Pastoral Office which eventually led me to seminary after I graduated from CUW in the Spring of 2023.


During my short time at seminary, I met my fiancée, Naomi Postier, and we are planning to be married on August 10, 2024. I have a strong interest in the practical aspects of the Pastoral Office, such as preaching, catechizing, liturgy, and pastoral care. In my free time I enjoy playing cards and board games and I’ve recently begun again to enjoy the reading of fiction, so I’ve been trying to read up on the classics I missed out on reading in my youth.

I am interested in the summer fieldwork opportunity offered by For the Sake of the Elect at Immanuel because it will afford me the opportunity to hone some of the practical aspects of the Pastoral Office which constantly need upkeep and refining. Specifically, I hope that the lectionary studies I will get to do with the pastors and the sermons I will get to practice writing will help me to sharpen my skills in preaching by helping me to look at the text of Holy Scripture through a confessional, Lutheran homiletic lens and expound God’s Word in effective ways.

Hunter Kinnison 1.jpeg
Zigmas Kisielius.jpg

Vicar Zigmas Kisielius

Expected Graduation from CTSFW: May 2027

I was born, raised, and homeschooled in Downers Grove, IL. Although my parents and I were born in America, Lithuanian was my first language. I went to Lithuanian school on Saturday mornings, have danced in international Lithuanian folk dancing festivals, sung in international Lithuanian choir festivals, and spent most of my summers at a Lithuanian camp in Michigan. I was baptized and raised in the Roman Catholic church. After falling away from the faith in my first 2 years of college, I began reading the Holy Scriptures for the first time at the age of 20. By the grace of God, my college dorm RA was a Lutheran. After many late-night debates, I was convinced that the Lutheran Symbols were the correct exposition of the doctrines in the Bible and began catechesis. I was confirmed into the LCMS at the age of 23. Nearly 3 years later, I am a first-year seminarian at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne. I enjoy reading most everything: classic novels, fantasy, philosophy, theology, and especially Scripture. I play guitar and like to write my own music.


My interest in For the Sake of the Elect: Leading prayer services, preaching, learning from an experienced pastor, and meeting my fellow brothers in Jesus Christ sounds like a Summer well spent. I do not take the pastoral office lightly and am quite fearful of the work which I am pursuing. I pray that this program better acquaints me with the liturgy and the daily services of prayer, that it prepares me to one day become a good preacher, and that I learn to be a faithful servant of Jesus Christ, His Word, and His beloved Church.

Isaiah Gill - Summer Fieldworker

I am 18 years old, and I hope to one day become a pastor. I am very interested in studying Theology and the roots of our Church as a whole, as well as our Lutheran fathers. My home congregation is Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona and I am blessed to have Pastor Jon Bjorgaard as my shepherd. I plan on going to Concordia University - Nebraska for college starting this August and I will be majoring in Theology.

Some things that I am very interested in at the moment in regard to Theology are, the Book of Revelation, the I AM statements of Christ in John's Gospel, and the typology of the Lord's Supper throughout the scriptures. My favorite books of the Bible are Revelation, John, Psalms, and James. My favorite hymn is 594, God's Own Child, I Gladly Say It, and some others would be 525, 941, and basically 644-677.

I am very excited to participate in this great program as I seek to experience the day-to-day life in high church and learn more about all that my future vocation may entail!

Isaiah Gill.jpg
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