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Worship- How We Worship at Immanuel Lutheran

How We Worship



WHEN YOU ENTER THE PEW IN OUR CHURCHyou will find a book in the rack, Lutheran Service Book. It’s what we use for our services, both on Sunday and at other times. Although it contains much more than hymns, we simply call it “the hymnal.”



THE SUNDAY BULLETIN that an usher hands you provides an outline to the service that morning. It shows you where to turn in the hymnal.

WE FOLLOW AN ORDER of service that on Sunday morning is entitled “Divine Service.” It appears in the hymnal in a number of musical settings. Whichever one we use, and regardless of where else we turn in the hymnal during worship, we always come back to this Divine Service order.

“PROPERS” ARE SPECIFIC hymns and other items being used on that particular day. For we are always following the Christian Calendar, which has various readings assigned to the seasons and festivals of the Church Year.

TWO RIBBONS are in the hymnal to let you mark places in advance and thus to follow the service more easily.

THE SCRIPTURE READINGS OF THE DAY, which would not all fit in a hymnal, we print out on the back of the bulletin.

What Is In A Hymnal?

  • -An outline of the Christian Year, including the Bible passages appointed for each week.
  • -Most of the Old Testament’s 150 Psalms
  • -The Divine Service for Communion services
  • -Daily Prayer materials for use by families, other groups, and individuals
  • -Rites for Baptism, Confirmation, weddings, and funerals
  • -Over 600 hymns of the Christian church


Visitors find themselves “singing the Scriptures” with us. And with so much packed into a single volume, our hymnal serves well also in schools and homes.

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